What not to wear – windy weather

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Nickelodeon's 26th Annual Kids' Choice Awards - ArrivalsHere’s why you need to think about the weather conditions before you select a dress shape and fabric.  This girly dress is most likely made from a crepe or chiffon fabric and has a full or circular skirt.  Kinda that “Marilynn Monroe standing over the subway grate” photo from years ago.  Except this poor girl obviously didn’t plan for this – let’s hope she remembered to wear panties!










And here’s a problem with slits and loose-fitting crepe or chiffon skirts.  No one will ever remember her face – just the out-of-control dress.  Probably more exposure than she planned!

To prevent this, don’t select loose-fitting and lightweight fabric dresses for public appearances outdoors.  Red carpets are usually outdoors and so are weddings, and ribbon-cuttings, and garden parties in tents, and polo matches and horse races.  Those are the times to wear those figure-hugging dresses.  Then if you got stuck wearing a hat, all you have to manage is keeping the hat on.   Oh, and if you’ve never been to a polo match where everyone goes out to the playing field at half-time (or whatever) to stomp down the divits, you’ll RUIN good heels – don’t wear your most expensive shoes for this – change into them later.


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